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We help YOU to make YOUR project a success.

For this purpose, we rely on years of experience in the field of the international wind business. Through our network of companies, which we have cultivated for years, we are able to select the right company for you from our portfolio. 

Talk to us, we are happy to help and benefit from our…

Industry Expertise 100%
Service Quality 100%
Reliability 100%

Rewards From Recycling

Taking advantage NEOCyce's environmentally friendly Wind Park Disposal and Recycling Service means saving time and money.

International Service Network

Due to many years of activity in the international wind business, we have a large network of companies at our disposal and are therefore able to select and offer the right one for you from our portfolio.

Experience and advice

Advice and on-site experience are a matter of course for us. Call us today for a non-binding information session

Tel.: +49 (0) 2931 22 121



Case Studies

Under “Case studies” we have selected a number of completed projects which we have worked on in the past. Have a look and view in more detail. Your project can be next.


Guide Price Listings

As a FULL-Service-Partner we can offer you the entire range and complete packages of dismantling, disposal and recycling services. Have a look at some price examples


where do we work

“Germany Is Our Base – The World Our Home” Have a look at our location for a visit or contact us if you are interested to join our network


Your NEOCyce Team

About Us

Carlo Vormweg

Managing Director

“The dismantling of wind turbines is more complex than the construction and at the same time the dismantling is an essential part of the overall success! NEOcyce will help you to successfully complete this unfortunately last project phase. “Our aim is to accompany you as a partner and to offer you the best solutions on the market.  

CEO bei Windpark Demontage

Ralph Ruppert

Deputy CEO

“I get daily requests for the sale of wind turbines, unfortunately I have to tell many owners that their wind turbines are unsaleable and best to themselves for the dismantling and recycling of the turbines. This presents operators with an unexpectedly difficult task. In many cases, only insufficient monetary reserves have been made or not available at all. We at NEOCyce are happy to offer you a solution. 

About Us


Wind Power Is Our Life

Nobody is keen to face and deal with “The Coming To An End”, but still, it has to be done. Every project has a beginning and an end. Rejoice that you have made it to the end, many projects end in much earlier stages of development (no approval, total loss after fire, etc.). 

Contact us today, we know what we are talking about and will be happy to help you. 


Would you like to work with us?

Are you offering services in the field of dismantling, demolition, disposal or recycling of wind turbines, then we would also be pleased to receive your call? We are always like to get to know new companies in this field and make new contacts. 

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