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Dismantling & Renaturalization

Dismantling - Wind Turbine Recycling & Renaturalization

Our Services

As a ‘Full-Service Partner’ for the dismantling, disposal and wind turbine recycling of complete wind parks, we offer ‘All-In-Services’ in particular:

NEOCyce Enercon Windpark Dismantling

Windpark Dismantling & Disposal

Checks and removal or repairs to access ways, crane pads, booking of cranes and cost-efficient dismantling including the disposal and wind turbine recycling or the sale of your wind turbines

tower on trailer

Demolition Permits & Removals

Applications and the obtaining of all necessary local and fully approved permits for the dismantling, removal and disposal process

Wind Turbine Recycling

Foundation Removal

Demolition of foundations including the separation of steel, metal, plastics and all other materials removed from the concrete

Wind Turbine auf LKW's

Collection - Transportation & Shipping

'Just-In-Time Dismantling' to avoid uneccessary 'On-Site' storage or additional crane hire costs. Procurement of all necessary transport permits included

Wind Turbine Recycling

Certified Recycling & Disposal

Environmentally friendly disposal and wind turbine recycling of all materials including certifications for each individual part and material of the turbines



Removal and restoring of access ways, lane paths, crane pads, refill of foundation holes and the restoring of land and top soil back to its original condition

About Glas Fibre Recycling

Glass Fibre to dispose?

Yes! Of course.

Due to the composition of glass fibre plastics, carbon fibres, carbon and other plastics, the disposal of the blades at the end of a wind farm dismantling and wind turbine recycling project is technically the most difficult task in terms of compliancy during the disposal and recycling process of your turbines. There are several technical options, which can be applied, depending on your individual situation and requirements, the type of blades and its materials as well as the current market situation for ‘raw material prices’ paid.

NEOCyce stands for
Reliability 100%
NEOCyce services are
Environmentally Friendly 100%
NEOCyce recycling is
Fully Certified 100%

A Successful Windpark

Post Mortem Summary

Recycling Wind Turbine

At the beginning of a wind turbine project, one is mainly focused on the day of commissioning and usually believes that on this day the project has been realized and the success is tangible, Phase 1.

In fact, however, during Phase 2, the operating phase of hopefully at least 20 years, one has to experience many highs and lows. Not infrequently it comes to trouble with the manufacturer or various service company. Many breakdowns reduce the planned success in the operating phase.

The 3rd phase, the dismantling & disposal, is often suppressed by most of the participants. The dismantling includes the wind farm dismantling and sales/recycling of the wind turbines as well as the dismantling of the foundations, crane sites, paths, cables, transformer and transfer stations and in most cases the restoration of land.

NEOcyce is specialized in the 3rd phase, the dismantling, the disposal and the fully certified recycling of wind turbines.

We can offer you all these services in one package.

Why NEOCyce?



Because we do not underestimate the importance of the dismantling, disposal & most important the recycling process of wind turbines.

Because we specialise in this and pass on our cost advantages

Because we can relieve you of the coordinative coordination process between legal requirements (deconstruction approval, etc.) and contractual obligations from the user contracts (lease contracts) as a neutral third party with the appropriate expertise.

Because the deconstruction is cost-intensive, cannot be financed and therefore requires early budgeting.

Because we can choose the optimum time for you to dismantle the wind turbine from contractual obligations, the market value of the wind turbine, etc..Only after a successful deconstruction can all parties who were involved measure real success. We make your project finally successful!


Your contribution is our task

Take advantage of the benefits that NEOCyce has to offer you with many years of experience in the wind business, flexibility in the scope of services and pricing, and reliability in the execution of dismantling, removal and restoration of land and soil.

GRP Blades Are Up To

75 %

Using Our Services Means Up To

- 0 %
cost reduction

NEOCyce Recycling Is

70 %


Concrete Towers

A major problem is the dismantling and disposal of concrete towers during a wind farm dismantling and wind turbine recycling job, in particular of the Enercon E30 and E40 series as well as Nordex, Tacke or Fuhrlander, which were the preferred types installed using concrete towers between 1990 and 1998 for 500kW to 1MW wind turbines.

The aim was simply to put the wind turbine into operation quickly and cost-effectively without any advance planning or taking into account the upcoming problems of dismantling and disposal.

NEOCyce is specialized in this business segment and can offer you a tailor-made solutions.

Please contact us for further information.

Wind Turbine Recycling gpr recycling

Flawless Renaturalization

Certified Disposal & Recycling

In detail, the dismantling and wind turbine recycling of your wind park, the removal, transport and environmentally friendly disposal of all materials, in particular with regard to the professional disposal of the glass fibre components (GRP) of the rotor blades as well as the removal of the foundations necessary for the completion of the renaturalization end-phase

Measures that a reliable partner like NEOCyce can offer you cost-effective solutions and immediate services that are professional, flexible and customer-friendly.

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